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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The National Cadet Corps (India) constituted under NCC Act of 1948, has its Head Quarters at New Delhi. The National Cadet Corps in India is a voluntary organization recruiting cadets from high schools, colleges and universities all over India. The cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades.


The origin of theNCC can be traced back to the First World War when the Britishers created the University Corps as the second line of defence and to have a large pool of trained youth available for employment into the Armed Forces.
After independence on 16 April 1948 the NCC came under the Ministry ofDefence, Government of India.
The Girls Division of the NCC was started in July 1949 and in April 1950 Air Wing was added. Afterwards the Naval Wing was raised in July 1952, thus completing the true representation of all services in the Corp.


"Unity and Discipline" is its motto and it was adopted on 23 Dec 1957.

NCC Flag

In 1954 the tricolour flag was hosted. The three colours in the flag represent the three services of the Corps, red for the Army, deep blue for the Navy and light blue for the Air Force. The letters NCC and the NCC crest in gold in the middle of the flag encircled by a wreath of lotus, give the flag a colourful look and a distinct identity. Each lotus represents one NCC Directorate (Dte).

NCC DAV College Bathinda

Aims and Objectives of NCC

  1. To inculcate the attributes of character, courage comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship.
  2. To orient the youth towards providing selfless service to all the sections of the society.
  3. To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and offering oneself for serving the Nation.
  4. To provide a conducive environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the armed forces.


Authorized Strength: 55
Total Enrolled Cadets: 64 (Regular: 53 & Left: 11)
First Year Enrolled Cadets-19 (13 SD and 06 SW)
Second Year Enrolled Cadets-24 (21 SD and 01 SW)
Third Year Enrolled Cadets-23 (19 SD and 04 SW)
  1. CATC Camp at NCC Academy Malout w.e.f. 18 June to 27 June 2016 Total Cadets: 12(3 SW+9 SD)
  2. 21st June 2016 International Yoga Day held at GZS PTU Camps, Bathinda (12 Cadets) & NCC Academy Malout (12 Cadets)
  3. Thal Sainik Camp 2016 held at NCC Academy Ropar w.e.f. 21st July to 30th July 2016 Eight Cadets participated (6 SD & 2 SW).
  4. Visit of Brig. Ashok Kumar Group Commander NCC Group HQ on 1st Aug. 2016 in 20 Punjab Bn. NCC to addressing all ANOs. ANO Lt. Rajesh Batra attended this.
  5. NCC Cadet Pushpender Singh has been participated selected for Mountaineering Expedition-2016 to Bhagirathi II (6512 mt. / 21365 ft.) w.e.f. 19th August 2016.
  6. NCC Enrollment for Ist Year Cadets on 22/08/2016.
  7. Five Articles were sent for Cadets Journal 2016-17 on 9/09/2016
  8. NCC Day was Celebrated & NCC Cadets take Oath on this day.
  9. NCC Dept. in association with Dean Student welfare & NSS organized a function to celebrate Rashtriya Ekta Divas in the memory of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel week long celebration organized in the country and NSS Dept. organized function on 4/11/2016.
  10. NCC organized a Blood Donation Camp in association with NSS & HDFC Bank on 22/11/16 in College Campus. Total 49 unit's blood collected.
  11. ATC w.e.f. 25th Nov. 2016 to 4th Dec.2016 at NCC Academy Malout
    Total Cadets -14 (13 SD & 1 SW)
    Total Medal Wining-34(Gold-23&Silver-11)
  12. Lt. Rajesh Batra attended Disaster Management Awareness Program w.e.f. 27th Dec to 29th Dec.,2016 at 20 Pb Bt. NCC Bathinda
  13. ATC 3 Punjab Air Sqn. NCC Patiala Camp w.e.f. 3rd Jan.2017 to 12th Jan.,2017. One Cadet Participated (1 SD)
  14. 02 Articles on Mounterring Expedition by SUO Pushpender Singh were selected for Cadet Journal 2016-17.
  15. Cadets Celebrate Youth Organization Day on 16th Jan. 2017& aware the people do cashless transaction.
  16. 25th Jan., 2016 NCC Cadets participated in .5 KM “RUN FOR FUN RACE” to aware the people for right to voting.
  17. 18 Cadets Attended RD (Republic Day) Parade at Multipurpose Sports Stadium, Bathinda w.e.f. 9th Jan to 26th Jan., 2017. Cadet Jaskirat Singh Grewal Selected as Commandeer & took award from Sh. Ghansham Thori DC, Bathinda
  18. 5th Feb., 2017 18 NCC Cadets appeared B’ Certificate Examination at Police Public School Bathinda.
  19. 12th Feb., 2017 5 NCC Cadets appeared C’ Certificate Examination at Patiala.
  20. NCC Cadets celebrated “World Forestry Day” on 14th March, 2017 at HarRaiPur Village. Total 15 Cadets participated.
  21. NCC Cadets celebrated “World Water day” on 22nd March, 2017 at D.A.V. College, Bathinda along with painting Competition.
    First Position: Anil Kumar
    Second Position: Karamjeet Kaur & Babita Punia
  22. Two NCC Cadet donated blood at 20 Pb. NCC Bt., Bathinda
  23. Seven NCC Cadets give Guard of Honour to CO J.S. Makol on 25/05/2017
    1. Mohit Kumat
    2. Jaskirat Singh
    3. Gurpreet Singh
    4. Anil Kumar
    5. Santosh Kumar
    6. Kalpana Parmar
    7. Sonali Patel
  24. Two NCC Cadets attended TSC Camp from 22-31 May 2017 at NCC Academy Mohali
    1. Anil Kumar
    2. Ajay Kumar

Enrollment, Activities and Achievements of NCC

Authorized Strength: 55
Total Enrolled Cadets: 55
First Year Enrolled Cadets-21 (20 SD and 01 SW)
Second Year Enrolled Cadets-23 (19 SD and 04 SW)
Third Year Enrolled Cadets-11 (09 SD and 02 SW)

  1. ATC (Annual Training Camp): 14th June to 23rd June 2015, Malout Total Participated Cadets-13 (10 SD and 3 SW)

  2. International Day of Yoga: 21st June 2015, GZS PTU Campus, Bathinda Total Participated Cadets: 24 (20 SD and 04 SW)

  3. Shooting Competition, Ropar: 22nd June to 02nd July 2015 SUO ManoharLal Sharma selected for Intergroup Shooting Competition

  4. Intergroup Shooting Competition: 3rd July to 12th July, Ropar SUO ManoharLal Sharma attended the camp

  5. Guard of Honour to Brigadier at 20 Pb. Bt. Bathinda, 17th July 2015

  6. Enrollment of NCC Cadet in August (Session 2015-16) Total Cadets-55 (48 SD and 07 SW)

  7. SUO ManoharLal Sharma gave Guard of Honour to Brigadier at 20 Pb. Bt. Bathinda, 7th Aug. 2015

  8. SNIC(Special National Integration Camp) at LehLadhak Camp: 07th Aug. to 21st Aug. 2015 and got second position in Inter Directorate Guard of HonourCompetition Total Participated Cadets: 06 (06 SD)

  9. RDC (Republic Day Camp): 7th Aug. to 16th Aug. 2015 , 23 Pb. Bt. Ropar Cadet AshwaniYadav and Cadet Gurwinder Singh attended the camp. Cadet AshwaniYadav and Cadet Gurwinder Singh got second position in Inter Battalion Drill Competition.

  10. Independence Day Parade: Multipurpose Stadium Bathinda Total Participated Cadets-12 (08SD and 04 SW) Cadet Nisha Thakkar selected as Commander and also awarded trophy by Deputy CM, Punjab.

  11. ATC(Annual Training Camp): 12th Oct to 21st 2015, NCC Academy Malout Total Participated Cadets-11 (08SD and 03 SW) Cadet Arshdeep Singh got Medal for Guard of Honour Cadet Simranjeet Kaur got Medal for Drill Competition Cadet Nisha Thakkar got Medal for Anchoring

  12. Cadet Pushpender Singh attended SSB Screening Capsule from 07th Dec to 16th Dec 2015 at NCC Officer Training Academy, Kamptee.

  13. 02 Cadets were selected best cadets in RDC Camp at Nabha. SUO ManoharLal Cadet Jaspreet Sharma attended the camp

  14. Cadet Pushpender Singh selected for SSB Screening Camp at OTA Kamptee, 6th Dec. to 17th Dec 2015

  15. Prof. Rajesh Batra selected for PRCN at Kamptee (Nagpur), 14th Dec 2015 to 12th March 2016

  16. NCC Cadets join the Republic Day Parade rehearsal, 13th Jan 2015

  17. NCC Cadets saw the live telecast of Start up India Programme on 16th Jan 2015 at D.A.V. College, Bathinda.

  18. Cadet Pushpender Singh selected for Republic Day Parade at RajpathNew Delhi to India Gate and got a Medal from Defence Secretary Manish Dobrial.

  19. Republic day Parade held at Multipurpose Stadium Bathinda, 26th Jan 2016

Total Participated Cadets: 12 (09 SD and 03 SW)
Cadet Simranjeet Kaur got the Honourof leading as Commander and won a trophy for the best Commander.


Authorized Strength-55
Total Enrolled NCC Cadets-44
First Year Enrolled Cadets-28(23 Boys and 5 Girls)
Second Year Enrolled Cadets-16(12 Boys and 4 Girls)

  1. Army Attachment Camp:13thJan to 27thJan 2014, Patiala.
    Total Participated Cadets-8 (8 Boys)

  2. Cadet Jagmeet Singh won Punjab State NCC Merit Certificate for participation in Republic DayParade New Delhi 2014 and Prime Minister Rally at New Delhi as member of NCC Directorate’s Contingent from Punjab State.

  3. TSC (ThalSena Camp) Camp:23rd June to 2nd July 2014, Ropar.
    Total Participated Cadets-9(7 Boys and 2 Girls)
    In this camp cadet ManoharLal Sharma selected for TSC Camp, Delhi and selected as Commander and awarded Trophy by Director General.He was the only Cadet from Punjab who was awarded this trophy.

  4. Inter Group Shooting Camp: 30thJune to 12thJuly 2014, Ropar
    Total Participated Cadets-1(1 Boy)

  5. TSC (ThalSena Camp) Camp: 30thJuly to 8thAug 2014, Ropar.
    Total participated Cadets-3(3 Boys)

  6. CATC(Combined Annual Training Camp): 30thJuly to 8th Aug 2014, Ropar
    Total Participated Cadets-8(6 Boys and 2 Girls)

  7. Independence Day 2014 Participation
    Total Participated Cadets-15 (10 Boys and 5 Girls)
    Cadet Nisha Thakkar selected as Commander and also awarded trophy by Deputy CM Punjab.

  8. Enrollment of NCC Cadet in August 2014
    Total Cadets -44(35 Boys and 9 Girls).

  9. TSC (ThalSena Camp) Camp:19th Aug to 28th Aug 2014, Ropar
    Total Participated Cadets-2(2 Boys)

  10. CATC (Combined Annual Training Camp): 11th Oct to 20th Oct 2014, Ropar Total Participated Cadets-4(1 Boy and 3 Girls)
    A .Cadet Nisha Thakkar got first Position in Solo Dance and Basketball in this camp.
    B.Cadet SimranjeetKaur got First Position in Running and Second Position in Solo Dance in this camp.

  11. SSB Screening Course: 15th Dec to 24th Dec, Ota Kamptee
    Total Participated Cadet-1(1 Boy)


  1. Jagmit Singh (B.A –I) participated in the Republic day Parade at New Delhi organized by 20 PbBnNCC,Bathinda.


  1. Participation in Annual Training Camp: 25th June to 4th July 2012
  2. Participation in the Republic Day Parade, New Delhi: Amandeep Singh and Kamaljit Singh, B.Sc 1 Yearwere selected.


  1. Participation in ATC Camp, NabhaSangrur: 3rdJan to 19thJan, 15students were selected.
  2. B and C certificate Exam: 3 Students, namely AnrejSingh,Jagseer Singh and Lovejinder Singhappeared in the exam inFeb 2011.
  3. Annual Camp at Sri Dhashmesh Sr. Sec. School, Talwandi Sabo: 25th Sep to 4th Oct, 21students participated in the combined annual camp.
  4. ATC Camp at Shri Dhasmesh Sr. sec School,Talwandi Sabo: Participation from 15th Oct to 24th Oct.
  5. Blood Donation Camp,D.A.V College: Organized by N.C.C volunteers, 21stNov. to 26thNov.
  6. All India Trekking Expedition at GZS College of Eng. and Tech.: 4th Oct. - 17th Oct., 4 students, namely, Jaspreet Sharma,Mukesh Kumar,Kiranjeet Singh and Pankaj Kumar participated.
  7. RDC Camp at Central UniversityComplex,Ghudda: 15th Oct to 24th Oct., 2 students participated.
  8. Opening Ceremony of New Raising Unit Punjab (R and V SQN NCC Ghudda):26th Nov
  9. ThalSainik Camp: 25thJuly to 27thJuly, 1 student got selected.
  10. North Zone Shooting Coaching Capsule, conducted at SKR Physical College,Kharar (Mohali): 23rd May to 26th May,2 students were selected.


  1. Republic Day Parade, New Delhi: Two students Satwinder Singh and Hardeep Singh,B.A-I Year were selected for participation in the parade.