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Managed by D.A.V College Managing Committee, New Delhi. Affiliated to Punjabi University, Patiala
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DateSheet of Pre Semester Examination Scheduled From 13 April-2018 to 21 April    ****    Experts dwell on gender disparity at workplace    ****    D.A.V Students win Overall Trophy    ****    Lecture on career in Army    ****    Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal releases D.A.V NewsLetter 2016-17    ****    New Vacancies Sept.2017   ****    Central University, D.A.V. College sign pact for Academic cooperation   ****    Students Check Your University Examination Datesheet    ****    Academics Toppers B.Sc.-I SEM-I (Dec.2015 Examination) Gurleen Kaur, Jagdeep Kaur, Leeshika, Vishal Chawla & Neha D.A.V College, Bathinda The Session was one of the most momentous one as the students achieved top College Positions.   ****   

Home / Teaching Staff

   Principal    Dr. Sanjeev Sharma
  Vice Principal   Varesh Gupta
  Registrar   Sandeep Bhatia
  Bursar   Dr. Gurpreet Singh
  Dean House  Examinations   Karampal Kaur
  Department of Biology
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Dr. Kriti Gupta   10.kriti@gmail.com
  Dr. Amar Santosh Singh   amarsantosh07@gmail.com
  Babita Rani   ashugoyalshivesgoyal@gmail.com
  Ramneek Kaur   ramneekbrar267@gmail.com
  Department of Chemistry
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Meetu S. Wadhwa   meetu.wadhwa@gmail.com
  Aman Malhotra   amanmalhotradav@gmail.com
  Dr. Parveen Bala   parveen_bala@yahoo.com
  Dr. Paramjeet Kaur   paramsidhu22@yahoo.com
  Dr. Neha Jindal   nehajindalchem@gmail.com
  Dr. Shaveta   s.sachdeva180@gmail.com
  Meenakshi Jindal   menakshijindal89@gmail.com/td>
  Kalpana   rahghuvanshi@gmail.com
  Department of Commerce  &   Management
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Parveen Kumar   parveengarg1966@yahoo.com
  Vikas Katia   katia.vikas@yahoo.in
  Dr. Kusum Gupta   kusum_gupta2007@yahoo.com
  Monika Bhatia   amonikadav@gmail.com
  Amit K. Singla   amitsinglabharti@gmail.com
  Neha Garg   neha_ng@hotmail.com
  Seema Rani   seema74garg@gmail.com
  Pritpal Singh   pritpal_elect@yahoo.co.in
  Navrojpreet Kaur   harmangalaxy@gmail.com
  Anju Bala   anjub7911@gmail.com
  Sandeep Kaur   
  Shikha Aggarwal   
  Sonia Mangla   soniamangla96@gmail.com
  Department of Computer Science
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Dr. Vandana Jindal   jindal_vandana@yahoo.co.in
  Anuja Puri   anuja_gu_pb@yahoo.com
  Rakesh Puri   rpuri1234@gmail.com
  Shishpal Jindal   shishpaldav@gmail.com
  Rajesh Batra   rajesh_batra2000@yahoo.com
  Pawan Kumar   
  Shalu Gupta   shalu2324@gmail.com
  Lalit Kumar   lalitjindal1234@gamil.com
  Neetu   jneetu92@gmail.com
  Mohit Kumar   goyalmohit89@yahoo.com
  Swarnjit Kaur   kaurswarnjeet1992@gmail.com
  Department of Economics
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Dr. Surinder Kumar Singla   singlasoni@gmail.com
  Dr. Prabhjot Kaur   
  Teena   teena537@yahoo.in
  Department of English
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Dr.Harcharan Singh Arora   harcharan_arora@yahoo.com
  Satish Grover   groverjagdish3@gmail.com
  Karampal Kaur   prof. karampal@gmail.com
  Dr. Neetu Purohit   neetu6.purohit@gmail.com
  Neha Sharma   Example@gmail.com
  Pallavi Joshi   Example@gmail.com
  Mr. Sumeet   Example@gmail.com
  Randeep Singh   randeepbhallaiana@gmail.com
  Anita Rani   anita37340@gmail.com
  Simratpal Kaur   sandhusimrat775@gmail.com
  Department of Hindi
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Monika Ghulla   
  Department of History
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Sandeep Bhatia   sandeepbhatiadav@gmail.com
  Roop Singh   sidhuroop17@gmail.com
  Sukhwinder Kaur   kaursukhwinder1181@gmail.com
  Pooja Joshi   
  Sumit Singla   sumitsinglamsz@gmail.com
  Department of Punjabi
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Varesh Kumar   
  Ravinder Singh   ravindersingh433@gamil.com
  Dr. Sukhdeep Kaur   
  Dr. Satinder Kaur   stinderkaur32134@gmail.com
  Ravi Nagpal   nagpalravi007@gmail.com
  Balwinder Kaur   balwinderk069@gmail.com
  Kiran Kaur   
  Kulwinder Kaur   
  Harjinder Singh   
  Sarabjeet Kaur   skbrar_brar24@gmail.com
  Kulwinder Kaur   kin.liebe07@gmail.com
  Reetu Kaur   
  Veerpal Kaur   
  Manpreet Kaur   bikram74@gmail.com
  Department of Pol. Science
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Pawanpreet Singh   pawanpreetmaan@gmail.com
  Sukhdarshan Singh   darshansingh1350@gmail.com
  Ramandeep Kaur   ramandeepkaurbrar354@gmail.com
  Swarnjit Kaur   swarn258@gmail.com
  Reeta Rani   hparam2431@gmail.com
  Department of Maths
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Atul Singla   atulsingla85@gmail.com
  Munish Kumar   
  Jyoti Bansal   jyotibansal123@gmail.com
  Neeru Garg   
  Dimple Tangri   dimpletangri8@gmail.com
  Baljeet Singh   
  Balwant Singh   
  Department of Physical Education
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Madan Lal   
  Nirmal Singh   
  Sumandeep Kaur   
  Department of Physics
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Dr. Gurpreet Singh   gurpreet.dav@gmail.com
  Dr. Kulwinder Singh Mann   ksmann6268@gmail.com
  Abhinav Soni   abhinav.physics@yahoo.com
  Harpreet Kaur   
  Name & Profile   E- mail Id
  Mahesh Inder Singh